The future of eBikes is here: a new generation of OLI eBike Systems is coming

OLI eBike Systems is responding to the rapid evolution in electric mobility. Under the leadership of the CEO Giorgio Gavioli, the company’s strategic direction is focused on innovation and market needs analysis to create products that meet users’ demands, such as our new PICO Drive Unit.

Our CEO, Giorgio Gavioli

Giorgio Gavioli

Giorgio Gavioli, CEO of OLI Group for over 25 years, founded OLI eBike System in 2015, combining his passion for bicycles with his expertise in the motor industry. Since March ‘24, Gavioli has become the new CEO of our company, aiming to transform OLI eBike Systems into a leader in the e-mobility and daily commuting sector.

” We aim to make eBikes a widely accessible commodity” says Gavioli. “Our strategy is to create innovative products and systems that meet urban mobility needs. We believe that offering high-quality eBike components, while keeping an eye on competitiveness, is the right formula to democratize e-mobility and improve urban sustainability, encouraging more people to choose this eco-friendly mode of transport.”

Moreover, OLI eBike Systems is expanding its production capacity with the opening of a new facility in Vietnam, which will join the existing plants in Italy and China. “The opening of the new facility in Vietnam is a crucial step to increase our production capacity and to further approach our key markets,” adds Gavioli. “This expansion will allow us to improve our efficiency and respond more quickly to our customers’ needs.”

As part of this ambitious strategy, OLI eBike Systems has developed PICO, a drive unit designed for urban use. This innovative system is set to revolutionize the eBike market, combining excellent performance with a streamlined design.

PICO: a unique motor in Europe

PICO represents an unprecedented innovation in the European eBike drive unit market. No other European motors boast comparable features, opening new markets for the design of light and accessible city eBikes with minimalistic aesthetics. A drive unit so small and well-integrated into the frame makes an eBike resemble a traditional bicycle.

With PICO, manufacturers can create various custom eBikes for different needs, including city eBikes, commuter eBikes, and even kids’ eBikes. This versatility further enhances PICO’s appeal, as it can meet a wide range of user demands, from daily commuters to young cyclists exploring their neighborhoods.

That’s why we’ve dedicated a specific slogan to this product: “The only European alternative,” highlighting the product’s uniqueness in the European eBike sector and offering a highly competitive and technologically advanced solution.

An Italian project: tradition and innovation

Italy is renowned worldwide for its long-standing tradition in motor design and manufacturing. This expertise, spanning from automotive to motorcycles, is reflected in every aspect of PICO.

The drive unit benefits from Italy’s rich experience in engineering precision, material quality, and attention to detail. The result is a product that not only meets but exceeds international standards, positioning PICO as an excellent choice for those seeking uncompromising reliability and performance.

Power without compromise: the importance of torque

Despite its compact size, PICO by OLI eBike Systems is a prime example of how advanced technology and precision engineering can converge to create a revolutionary product.

With a torque of 70 Nm, PICO provides rapid acceleration and enough power to easily tackle daily urban challenges. Whether it’s starting quickly at a traffic light or overcoming obstacles in traffic, PICO guarantees a prompt and swift response. This acceleration capability is essential for agile navigation in urban traffic, where speed and responsiveness make a difference.

One of the main advantages of having high torque is the ability to tackle steep inclines effortlessly. Modern cities often feature varied terrains with numerous inclines, and PICO offers smooth and continuous rides even uphill. This feature is particularly important for commuters in hilly or sloped cities who use eBikes for daily transportation.

The combination of these features makes PICO not only a powerful and versatile drive unit but also an indispensable ally for urban cyclists.

Technical specifications: get to know PICO in detail

PICO by OLI eBike Systems represents the forefront of urban mobility thanks to its exceptional technical specifications.

Let’s delve into the main features:

Compactness and aesthetic integration: with a footprint of just 182x101x155mm, PICO is designed to integrate perfectly into eBike frames, creating a clean and modern aesthetic that makes the eBike almost indistinguishable from a traditional bicycle. The compactness of PICO is not just about reduced space but also intelligent design. The drive unit is designed to be nearly invisible, blending harmoniously with the frame lines. This allows eBike manufacturers to create sleek and discreet models that maintain a traditional look while offering advanced eBike functionalities.

Unmatched lightness: weighing less than 2.5 kg, PICO is one of the lightest drive units in its market segment. This feature is crucial for city eBikes, where lightness translates to versatility, maneuverability, and ease of use. Despite its lightness, PICO does not compromise on robustness or reliability, making it an ideal choice for the urban environment.

Quietness: beyond power, PICO is designed to be incredibly quiet, enhancing riding comfort and contributing to reducing noise pollution in cities. Urban traffic noise is a significant source of stress for many residents, and PICO’s ability to operate quietly offers a tangible benefit, making riding a more pleasant and relaxing experience.

Flexibility in battery choice: battery flexibility is a distinctive feature of PICO, offering cyclists the freedom to customize their riding experience according to their needs. With two bracket options available, PICO allows choosing between the Slim bracket, which supports 370 Wh batteries, ideal for those seeking an optimal balance between weight and range, and the Plus bracket, which can mount larger batteries up to 630 Wh, perfect for those needing more range for longer and more demanding routes.

This versatility allows each cyclist to find the battery-bracket combination that best suits their riding needs and personal preferences.

PICO's competitive value

One of PICO’s major advantages is its highly competitive price. In a market where value for money is crucial, PICO offers the possibility to design eBikes with an accessible market price without compromising quality. This makes lightweight and high-performing city eBikes available to a broader audience, opening new market opportunities.

OLI eBike Systems’ branches, strategically located across Europe and beyond, serve as both production facilities and centers of innovation and customer support. Here, the passion for sustainable mobility translates into customized solutions for every cyclist. The extensive network of branches ensures exceptional proximity to customers, providing fast, efficient, and always accessible service.

This blend of power and quiet operation, coupled with its compact and lightweight design, positions PICO as the ideal choice for urban cyclists seeking high performance and discreet eBike solutions.

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