All you need,
but smoother

OLI’s workhorse features a dual-stage internal gear transmission and
the most accurate torque sensor in the industry.

A carefully refined software delivers a lot of torque at very low rpm to give the rider
a smooth riding experience.

The electric motor internals are directly derived from OLI’s know-how
in the heavy-load industry ensuring a lifetime strength.

Available in two different configurations:

60Nm for the best energy economy,
but still with enough push
for everyday use.

85Nm to tackle that steep
mountain trail, carry those heavy
loads through the city or enjoy
your fully-equipped stray holidays.

Electric motorbike motor
Rated Power250W250W
Rated Voltage36V36V
Max Torque60Nm83Nm
Internal Gear Stages22
Fixing Holes Pattern2×3 M8 proprietary pattern2×3 M8 proprietary pattern
Chain-line52mm (142mm/148mm boost)52mm (142mm/148mm boost)
Crank interfaceISISISIS
Chainring optionsBCD 104 – 30/44TBCD 104 – 30/44T
Coaster brake optionsYesNo
Chain-guide and bashguardYesYes
ApplicationsCity, Gravel, Long-distanceeMTB, Cargo, Sport Commuting
AvailabilityMass ProductionMass Production

Mounting Points


  • Proprietary pattern for the best
    stiffness-to-area ratio.
Sport Mounting Points details



  • Speed sensor
  • Front & rear light
  • Display
  • Battery communication
  • Battery power

Mounting accessories

Frame interface.
Plastic motor guard.
Sport ebike accessories
Sport Drive Units


The smoothest and most efficient 85Nm you’ve ever ridden. Fun for sure.


High performance: this drive unit goes brilliantly in any situation.

OLI eBike Sport
Drive Unit Sport


A lot of torque at very low rpm to give a smooth riding experience.


Our drive unit Sport is able to deal with new or difficult situations very easily: nothing frightens it.
OLI eBike Sport

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