OLI Pre-Set: choose the behavior of the Edge engine

Directly from the High Vision display it is possible to choose 4 different OLI Pre-Set to modify the behavior of the EDGE, from the more delicate ECO to the more aggressive POWER.

The riding experience of cyclists has always been at the center of OLI eBike Systems’ research and development and the introduction of the new OLI Pre-Set amazes even the most demanding eBikers. The new High Vision display screen, called OLI Pre-Set, offers the possibility to choose 4 different behaviors for the Edge engine; from the most long-lasting, designed to have considerable battery autonomy, to the most powerful and aggressive, ideal for extremely technical routes.

Let’s look at them together in detail.



The first of the four Pre-Set is Original, it represents the original configuration defined with the eBike manufacturer, for this reason the behavior of the engine and the number of assistance levels may vary depending on the bicycle model. This Pre-Set is the only one that cannot be customized by the user.


Eco is the mapping that guarantees immediate engine assistance but with progressive and delicate release. Battery consumption is saved as much as possible, to guarantee all the autonomy the battery has.


With the Pre-Set Comfort, the eBike maintains the gentle and fluid character of Eco, but increases power delivery and acceleration, allowing you to tackle fairly challenging routes.


Power, Pre-Set designed expressly for technical off-road, with very fast response times.

It allows max power at high levels and torque distributed across the entire power range. Only in this configuration has Over-Run been introduced, which provides full assistance for a few tenths of a second even when you stop pedaling. There will certainly be no lack of safety for the Over-Run. In case of difficulty, in fact, it is sufficient to turn the pedals backwards, even by just one degree, and the assistance will cease immediately.

OLI Pre-Set: how to customize?

Assistance, max torque, reactivity, are just some of the parameters that users can quickly set at their discretion, directly from the High Vision display, without using external apps.
All assistance levels, with the exception of the Pre-Set Original, are completely customizable directly from the eBiker, leaving full freedom to identify the best assistance settings based on your needs.
To customize a Pre-Set you need to:

– Position on the Pre-Set you intend to modify (Eco, Comfor, or Power) and hold down the M button on the control panel for 2 seconds, or alternatively, press it 2 times in rapid succession.
– Select the level of assistance on which you intend to act, and act on one of the following items.

It is important to point out that the minimum and maximum values of the entire editable scale are indicated below, but in order to maintain the different behaviors of the Pre-Set, each level of each Pre-Set will be editable within a restricted range.


ASSISTANCE (from 50% to 400%)
It regulates the assistance given by the engine in relation to the power emitted by the cyclist. For example, if you choose 200%, the assistance will deliver double the power that the cyclist puts on the pedals.
MAX TORQUE (from 30% to 100%)
To decide how much maximum torque to use. For example, if you choose 50%, you will have 50% of the 90Nm.
ACCELERATION (from 10% to 100%)
Increases or decreases the acceleration ramp during starting. The higher the value, the more immediate the acceleration.
DECELERATION (from 30% to 100%)
Increases or decreases the deceleration ramp when stopping pedaling. The higher the value, the more immediate the deceleration.
REACTICITY (0, 1, 2, 3)
Indicates the reactivity that the system uses to perceive the pressure on the pedals.
Low numbers make you perceive a soft reactivity, high numbers make you perceive a sustained reactivity.
OVER-RUN (0, 1, 2, 3)
To decide how long the motor will continue to assist after stop pedaling. By selecting higher values, the motor will continue to assist for a longer time.

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