OLI eBike Systems: innovation and customer focus are at the heart of eBikes.

In the throbbing heart of Italy’s Motor Valley, in Cesena, a company is born that encapsulates the ambition and craftsmanship of Made in Italy projected onto a global stage: OLI eBike Systems.

Our company, with a bold and forward-thinking vision, has specialized in the development and production of complete propulsion systems for eBikes, operating in constant synergy with our customers and tackling market challenges with innovation and dynamism.

By providing complete, state-of-the-art e-bike drive solutions, OLI eBike Systems is part of the vision to change urban transportation sustainably and also enrich the riding experience of every ebike cyclist in the sportive MTB sector. Our own extensive tests ensure that OLI eBike Systems drive units are perfectly matched to the respective customer requirements. In combination with comprehensive customer service, every ride with an OLI drive system becomes a safe, enjoyable and innovative experience. This approach, combined with extensive post-sale support, ensures that every journey on an eBike equipped with OLI eBike components is not only comfortable and safe, but also a pleasantly innovative adventure.

The Roots: OLI Spa and the Tradition of Excellence

The story of OLI eBike Systems is deeply rooted in the sixty-year experience of OLI Spa, a leading company in the industrial vibration sector. This rich heritage of knowledge and expertise forms the foundation upon which OLI eBike Systems’ innovation stands, allowing the company to distinguish itself in a highly competitive sector.

The transferability of technical skills from the industrial world to eBikes world is an example of how experience gained in one field can innovate and revolutionize a seemingly distant sector.

The Strength of OLI eBike Systems network: Experts at Your Service

The ambition and international outlook of OLI eBike Systems are further supported and affirmed by its membership in the Wolong Group, a global leader in the production of electric motors. This strategic synergy not only amplifies the production capabilities and resources available to OLI eBike Systems but also opens the doors to a global market, where the demand for sustainable and innovative solutions for urban mobility is constantly growing.

With a strategic presence in Europe and beyond, the branches of OLI eBike Systems represent more than just manufacturing companies. They are centers of innovation and support where a passion for sustainable mobility translates into customized solutions for every type of cyclist. Thanks to its extensive network of branches, OLI eBike ensures unprecedented proximity to its customers, offering rapid, efficient, and always-at-your-side approach.

Innovation and Synergy with Customers

At the heart of OLI eBike Systems’ philosophy is a collaborative approach with its customers. The company does not merely supply components; instead, it works closely with electric bicycle manufacturers to develop propulsion systems that perfectly meet their specific needs.

This ongoing collaboration allows for the optimization of eBike performance, ensuring a superior riding experience and greater satisfaction for the end-user cyclist. Customization and attention to detail are, therefore, the pillars upon which each project is built.

Looking to the Future: Increasing Focus on Urban Mobility

OLI eBike Systems looks to the future with the ambition to continue being a benchmark in the eBike sector, pushing the limits of innovation and supporting the development of increasingly efficient and eco-friendly solutions. The combination of an Italian legacy of engineering excellence, the global vision supported by the Wolong Group, and a steadfast commitment to research and development, positions OLI eBike Systems uniquely to lead the transformation of urban mobility in the 21st century.

OLI eBike Systems stands out particularly for its offering of complete systems, designed to meet the integrated needs of the modern cyclist in a cohesive manner. Each system includes a motor—or as we prefer to call it, a Drive Unit—battery, and display, all designed to work in perfect harmony. This integration ensures not only superior performance but also an intuitive and enjoyable user experience, which are essential characteristics for daily commuting in urban environments..


  • Drive Unit: the beating heart of the eBike, the Drive Unit is the result of years of research and development. Quiet, powerful, and reliable, it is designed to offer smooth and natural pedal assistance, making every climb and long journey a pleasure. There’s more exciting news on the way: we’ve developed a new Drive Unit designed especially for urban mobility needs, featuring a lightweight and minimalist design.
  • Battery: long-range and safety are the cornerstones of OLI eBike batteries. With solutions that adapt to different riding styles and needs, every cyclist can rely on a reliable and long-lasting energy source.
  • Display: Serving as the interface between the cyclist and his eBike, the OLI eBike display offers intuitive control and a wide range of features. From managing assistance levels to monitoring performance, everything is at your fingertips.

In a world where urbanization is increasing and the search for sustainable mobility solutions becomes ever more pressing, OLI eBike Systems emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. 

Through the strength of its branches, outstanding customer service, and the provision of complete systems optimized for urban environments and beyond, the company aims not just to be a mere supplier of components: we want to offer a new way of experiencing the city, more sustainable, enjoyable, and free. Every urban journey transforms into an opportunity to rediscover the joy of movement, in harmony with the environment around us.

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