Performance Watchword? Performance! Which means, for us, to constantly keep our clients at the centre of our thoughts, so that we can always give them more.


Whether is for the City or the Mountain, what really matters is that OLI eBike Systems motors are top of the range: the best experience you might ever have, where riding a bike is a whole new world. Do you wish to try yourselves? Do you simply wish to not toil? Our answers are SPORT and MOVE PLUS: the e-passion motors. And passion is contagious!


Flexibility OLI eBike System Motors have something other motors just don’t: they can be customised.


We have developed a set of open-source systems because we want to offer the opportunity to execute radical intervention that may satisfy, fulfil and adapt to the needs of any e-bikes manufacturers. A great deal of flexibility that makes easy any interventions to replace the control unit, the batteries or the motors. We are free to intervene and to follow all of the precise instructions we are provided with. An example? We can manage the parameters that significantly affect how the eBike behaves.

OLI eBike Systems motors are characterised by a well defined appearance, but their dedicated mappings allow for various choices. Such as focusing on saving energy and on efficiency. Or, on the contrary, to obtain the maximum power for no-limit performances.


An eBike is the green choice, ideal for every route. Handy in town, at ease in the traffic, and enjoyable on cycle lanes.

During a day-trip out of town, it blends relax and exercise in contact with nature. On the mountain it is synonymous of adventure and fun, among slopes and steep terrains that taste like a challenge.


Is it for work, for pastime, for fun? The green choice for a urban mobility which is both handy and enjoyable; a blend of optimum adaptability and performance on simple routes, cycle lanes and light dirt roads.


A trip for keeping fit in contact with nature, combining physical effort with mental relaxation on dirt roads and mid-level hills, away from the traffic noises.


Adventure and fun on a challenging path, made of hills and slopes for a confident and sporty ride. Perfect for those who love the taste of challenge.



Restart in the middle of a hill like never before! No additional pedal stroke required: just push a bit harder and the bike will assist its own re-start.

Thanks to the Battery Self Diagnostic mode, all information about the battery status is easily available.

It is possible to easily read all of the data about the cyclist and the motor’s power, which is expressed in Watts.

Thanks to OLI eBike Systems, every cyclist has the chance to achieve maximum power with minimum effort.


We entrusted, international service centre for product safety, with the testing of our motors. The results? Amazing.


Inspected, examined in detail and thoroughly tested, our motors gave off all their strengths. Power, mechanical strength, and high carrying capacity:Oli e-Bike Systems spare no comparison, and are the top of the world at the beginning of every pedal stroke. Riding even on the hardest hills, they unleash their strength, by brilliantly overcoming any challenge while being always nimble and super silent.

Number 1
from 0 to 30 RPM!

Light pedal stroke
with eCargo Bike

The comparative analysis with its competitors is clear and doubtless: OLI eBike Systems provide the higher torque during the starting phase.

During the maximum utilisation performance tests, our motor has proven itself as one of the best motors in the world, ensuring a very high mechanical power even at the higher speeds, required by the most challenging hills.

Thanks to the “lazy mode” function, ideal for eCargoBike models, OLI eBike Systems motor provides maximum power with minimum effort, reaching a carrying capacity up to 300 kg like no other motor on the market.

The manual transmission is used less with our motors, thanks to a very high quality “torque sensor” that allows overcoming the steepest uphill stretch (up to a gradient of 40%), or any other obstacles with ease.

Provided with an extremely robust mechanics, this is one of the most quiet systems on the market, as confirmed by the tests. Not only; it can be fitted with a 30 T sprocket, which is highly performing when it comes to start the eBike again, or to ride uphill.

Torque (test by

OLI eBike Systems are the best, even when using high gear ratios. From 0 to 30 RPM, and on every kind of track, they assist the pedal strokes of models such as eCity, eMtb and CargoBike like no other motor in the world.

Mechanical power (test by

In terms of power, OLI eBike Systems are the absolute best. From 20 to 60 RPM they provide every eBike with the highest level of ease of use, even at very high speeds, over 100 strokes per minute.