OLI eBike System motors include a display with remote control: an exclusive accessory to assist you during your trips.

Easy to use, developed to provide the cyclist with immediate answers, and with all of the data required to achieve a consistent and accurate assistance. Able to adapt to various modes of use, from commuting to sports, the display shows a number of information. Thanks to its remote control, located on the left of the handlebars, it is easy to consult for any additional information.

CITY mode is the most essential. Geared towards the daily mobility, it provides data about environmental temperature, lights conditions and time. It keeps the cyclist informed about many features, such as residual charge, assistance level, instantaneous speed of the bike, and power of the motor.

By quickly pressing a button, it is possible read various additional information, that may be relevant in case you are training or willing to try yourselves. It is possible to know the distance and duration of any taken routes, the cadence, i.e. the rotation speed of the pedals, and the energy used.

Besides the assistance level and the instantaneous speed of the bike, this professional mode,developed for veteran cyclists, provides with an accurate and consistent report on the power of the pedal stroke (expressed in Watts), the power of the motor, the power indication (i.e. the mix between the power transmitted by the motor and the power exerted by the cyclist), and the average usage in Wh/km. It’s like riding with a personal trainer at your side.