About us

Who we are

We are an ambitious Italian company with a global vision.
We want to be close to our partners developing new products in constant sinergy with them.
We are riders, so we are our first customers, demanding the best riding experience
 and expecting outstanding service when needed.

OLI Vibra Industrial

OLI is the world’s top selling manufacturer of Electric and Pneumatic Vibrators


Trading Subsidiaries


local warehouses



Recently inaugurated, the new headquarter in Medolla aims to become the managing
 and development brain of the global group.
The new building, risen after the catastrophic earthquake in 2012 is a flagship of structural
 engineering and energetic efficiency. It gives room for about 100 employees, 4 production lines,
 metric room, 2 fully automated warehouses
and various machine tools

Cesena The R&D and customer service

The eBike division of OLI has born in 2015 in Cesena. Here is where the engineers draw the first prototypes, run the first prototypes and set first production line.  
Today the plant is the R&D facility for any eBike product 10 dedicated engineers,  two 3D printers, machines tools, a fully working production line and many bikes to test are running every day to develop and put in production new exciting products
As the team is growing every month, we moved the customer service to a new building. From here, we want to offer the best support to dealers in every language. 
 A newly built video room will let us offer online training for dealers all around the world.

Global Approach

The corporate approach of OLI Spa is based on teamwork and a strong international character,
 even if the heart of the company is in Modena, Italy.
OLI Spa has 22 sales branches all over the world, 6 production plants and a global network
of partners that enable OLI eBike Systems to provide widespread international assistance
 through dedicated customer care.
The slogan “when you need it, where you need it” is a promise of global organization
 and dynamism that the OLI Spa group has always maintained.

A Global Company

Being part of a big international family, in OLI eBikes future strategy
 we see the start of production plants everywhere the market needs it.
The first example is the China facility. Here, in our parent company
  WOLONG, we have the first semi automated drive units assembly line.
To give consistency and ensure the highest quality standards all around
 the world, a test machine is at the end of every production line. 
All these machines are calibrated in Cesena Italy and shipped
 to the assembly location.